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My Orders

To view the history of your orders, log into your account and click on “Orders”. From there, you may view a list of Ongoing orders, Completed orders, Cancelled orders, and Returned purchases.

The status of your purchase will be updated on our website. The following is a list of the different statuses that may appear with your order, as well as what they imply.



How Long At This Stage?


We have got your order. The initial review is pending.

Usually, your order is checked on the same day it is received. However, if it is a weekend or a holiday, it will be reviewed the next workday.


We have reviewed the order, but additional information is required from you before it can be processed.

Your order stays at this stage until we hear you back.

Awaiting Payment

We’re waiting to receive your money order, wire transfer, or check.

Until we receive payment, your order will remain in this status.


Your order has been entered into our system, and fulfillment to be purchased.

The duration of your order at this stage will depend on the availability and manufacturing time for the products you requested.

If your order is longer than expected at this stage (more than ten days), please do not hesitate to contact us to find out what could hold up your purchase.


Your order has been purchased.

We usually collect and combine the other customers’ orders to cut our shipping cost. Then we will proceed with preparation for a shipment to Malaysia. 


The order is packed and shipped from the USA to Malaysia. 

It usually takes approximately 2-4 weeks to reach Malaysia. We will inform you via SMS and e-mail once the item has arrived in Malaysia.


Your entire order has been sent/delivered.

The product(s) in the order has been sent. If your item was dispatched via a trackable method, you should have gotten an e-mail from us with the tracking number for the package.

No Stock

The item is out of stock, or the price has changed.

Customers can request a refund on the website. Nevertheless, if the customer requires an exchange with another item, please contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp.


We have refunded the customer’s full payment.

If you don’t receive the refund after seven working days, don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s simple! Here are the steps:

  1. Select a category or designer from the top navigation bar, or search for a specific style or trend.
  2. Select your item and click ‘Add to Cart.’ Once you’ve added all items, click “Checkout”.
  3. Sign in to your account, or go with the signup if you haven’t already made one.

Complete your purchase with payment and delivery details. That’s all — the order will be confirmed and adequately packed and dispatched to you, with updated statutes every step of the way. 

All orders must be completed within the next 30 minutes after placing them in the cart and checkout. After 30 minutes, the product will be removed from your cart.

Before you make a payment, an ETA (estimated arrival time) will be provided for your order, which is about 4-8 weeks, and this does not include a checking period by Customs, which is within 4-14 days.

Please note that the ETA provided is only an estimated duration for your order to arrive. It is not a guarantee on our part. We will try our best to ensure that the delivery process is smooth and safe as long as it is within our jurisdiction. Cooperation from customers is very highly appreciated.

We will notify you by SMS and e-mail when the item has arrived in Malaysia.

We do accept special orders from serious buyers. The price for shipping and handling varies by weight and size of items. Therefore, when you request a special order, we take that you are willing to pay other related charges. Please note that the price quoted for your special order includes the merchandise price you see on respective websites, sales tax, shipping and handling cost from the USA to Malaysia, custom tax/duty, and local postage to your doorstep. However, please be as specific as you can for the item that you want. A direct link will be much appreciated. A deposit will be required for every special order.

Please note that each transaction will be considered final once payment has been made. Therefore, any cancellation, exchange, or refund after that will not be entertained (including the customer’s change of mind).

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

We strive to provide the best service to our customers. Therefore, each item is carefully inspected before being shipped to customers.


However, if a transit malfunction occurs, an exchange of items or refunds may be made for the following reasons:

– If the shipped item is damaged.

– If the shipped item is different than requested.

  1. Send information as proof of defective product, as follows.

– Order number.

– Contact name and phone number.

– Pictures of the defective product(s).

– A short description of the damage you saw on the product.


  1. Return the item to us in the original condition as it was when you first received it.

Then we will personally assess the damage on the product, and we will offer you a full/partial refund depending on the severity of damage on the item, OR we will offer an exchange OR a Store Credit. All damage claims must be submitted within three days of receiving the item.

Our apology. As stated in the terms & conditions, all refund requests or exchanges must be made within three days upon the receipt of the item

Yes. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse, wear, tear, after-use, or mistake from the customer.

If you have received the wrong order, you may reach out to our customer support team via WhatsApp +60146430470 or e-mail ([email protected]) to report the issue

We have a 3-day Return Policy, which means all return requests must be raised within three days of receiving the delivery. However, non-returnable items do not qualify for cancellations and returns.

Non-returnable items are certain items that do not qualify for returns and cancellations.

We are unable to refund or exchange the following products unless they are faulty:


  • Sale items (purchased in-store)
  • Food and drink – including all perishable goods
  • DVDs and CDs, where the packaging has been removed or unsealed
  • Underwear
  • Gift boxes
  • Magazines
  • Gift Cards
  • Hair accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Bodysuits and shapewear
  • Books

On the My Account page, choose the Orders tab and click on ‘Refund’ for the order you want to refund.

Refunds are processed within seven business days of the item(s)’ delivery to us. We will let you know via E-mail when we initiate the process. Please note that it might take 3-5 business days, from the time we complete the process, for the amount to reflect in your account.

Product warranty (if any) will generally be void upon purchase by us unless the manufacturer or the product itself has a worldwide warranty.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Each item that will be shipped to customers is carefully inspected so that you are satisfied with the service we offer.

Shipping & Tracking

We typically use J&T Express, Best Express, DHL eCommerce, and Ninja Van.

Customers who stay in Klang Valley can choose courier “Same Day Delivery” to get parcels on the same day.

You may choose your preferred courier during checkout.

We will not take any responsibility against damage, stolen, and lost in transit for your item as it is far beyond our control.

We highly recommend you take shipment insurance for your item by paying only 1 – 2.5% of the item’s total value, based on the courier you choose.

Shipment insurance offers total compensation of up to 100% of the item against damage, stolen, and lost during transit.

Shipment insurance by courier:
J&T Express – 1%
Ninja Van – 1.5%
Best Express – 1.5%
DHL eCommerce – 2.5%

You may track your order under Orders in your account. Please track your orders from the tab, showing a list of orders under process.

Yes. We will provide the tracking number via SMS and e-mail as soon as the package is shipped to your address.

Our apology. After providing the tracking number, it is now your responsibility to keep updated with the respective courier company.

Convenience Fee

A convenience fee is an amount we add to the purchase price; the customer pays this fee in return to use a more convenient payment method when s/he chooses to pay by card.

We offer our customers a more convenient way to pay than a standard usual payment method. 

The important thing to remember is that the customer always has the choice to use another standard method of payment that does not require the added convenience fee, like FPX Online Banking.

The convenience fee will apply to payments made using Visa and MasterCard for debit and credit cards.

This convenience fee, sometimes referred to as a credit or debit card “service fee” is established by third-party credit or debit card processors to cover the transaction costs of online purchases. Nuremporium Empire does not receive any portion of convenience fee payments. It is also important to note that these fees are subject to change by third-party credit and debit card processors.

Our third party card processors are:

  1. Atome
  2. Split
  3. Grab
  4. Riipay
  5. Rely
  6. Pace
  7. PayLater
  8. myIOU
  9. Payex
  10. Senangpay
  11. Bizappay

A convenience fee is being charged to cover the costs that banking service providers charge merchants to allow customers to pay for services using debit or credit card services.

How can I avoid paying the convenience fee?

The following payment methods will NOT incur a convenience fee:

  1. FPX Online Banking
  2. Direct bank transfer
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